Interactive Screening Program (ISP)

The UAMS Resident Wellness Program provides mental health services to our residents and fellows in need.  We encourage you to call 501 686-2588 or 501 686-8408 to make an appointment if you need help for any emotional/mental health problems.

Some of you may be hesitant to reach out, afraid to admit or acknowledge you are stressed, anxious, depressed, or concerned about professional implications. You may not feel that what you are experiencing is a common, treatable health condition. You may find that picking up the phone or walking into the counseling center can be daunting.

To help ease these concerns, the UAMS Resident Wellness Program has partnered with the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to establish a web-based Interactive Screening Program (ISP) which will allow you to connect with clinicians covering resident wellness anonymously, and engage in a dialogue.

By clicking on the link below, you will be connected to the ISP website. You will create your own username and password to log in to the website which will generate a self-assigned User ID. The User ID is the only way you will be known to our clinician, thus making the program entirely anonymous.

You will be invited to complete a screening questionnaire (listed below).  Your responses will be sent to a clinician in a notification which does not identify you. One of our clinicians will respond to you in a timely manner via the same website and engage in a dialogue if you choose.  The objective of this process is to engage you in a dialogue, guide you to resources to get help, and hopefully make you feel comfortable to seek services with us in person. This process is not designed to make a diagnosis or provide treatment, and is NOT a crisis line. If you are in a crisis, please go to the nearest emergency room.

Key principles of ISP include maintaining your anonymity, having personalized contact with Resident Wellness clinicians instead of a computerized feedback, connecting to your experience by validating what you are going through without making a diagnosis or emphasizing the “need” for treatment, and working together with you to lessen your concerns about seeking services.

You will be invited to take the Stress & Depression Questionnaire which contains 37 items and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is not a diagnostic tool, but rather is meant to serve as a conversation starter with the counselor.

The questionnaire includes items related to:

  • Depression symptoms (using the evidence-based screening for depression (PHQ-9))
  • Stress-related behaviors (such as feeling overwhelmed, or like life is too stressful)
  • Intense emotional states (including hopelessness, worthlessness, or feeling out of control)
  • Substance abuse and eating disorder symptoms
  • Current suicidal ideation and planning, self-harm behaviors, and past suicide attempts
  • Current treatment (medication use and counseling/therapy)
  • Basic demographic questions for age, gender, race/ethnicity and year of study are also included and customized for each counseling center

The flowchart below outlines the program’s process:

ISP flowchart